Laguna Beach CA Couples Photoshoot

This unique couples session was so beautiful and fun to plan with Mikey and Ashley! It was a beautiful evening, and we took a short little walk along Top of the World in California. Come look at what your Laguna Beach CA couples photoshoot could look like!

Top of the World in Laguna Beach, CA

It was our first time visiting Top of the World, and it was exactly what we had hoped it to be! The weather was beautiful, and we walked around and enjoyed the beautiful sun as it began to set on the horizon. This location provides 360 degrees of views of both the mountains and the ocean; it was absolutely breathtaking! Just look at how incredible these views are!

California Sunset

The evening ended with a sunset that lit up the entire sky filled with pink, blue, orange, and yellow colors. I felt so honored to candidly document their story beneath the vibrant sky. Can you envision your upcoming couples photoshoot here with these warm, bold colors?

Should you take your photos at Laguna Beach, CA?

It’s true. The views are incredible! And if you are looking for photos that capture you with an outstanding sky and views in the background, Laguna Beach, CA would be an excellent option! However, I can help you find an authentic photography location for you if you feel stuck on choosing a location that best reflects you and your love. Choosing a photographer and location that you love is so important in documenting your story!

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